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• Scale-Tronix invented the SlingScale.

• Over 30,000 in use.

• 450 lb capacity.

New powder coat and chrome finish.
Patent No. 4,420,052. Patent No. 4,482,783

2001 SlingScale

Accuracy: 1/10 lb-100 gm.
Weighing Range: 450 lbs-200 kg.
Readout: Digital LED display in pounds and kilograms, or kilograms only.
Power Source: Battery with self contained charger (no external parts).
Calibration Indicator: Verification of scale calibration.
Charge Indicator: Indicates battery is charging.
Weighing Mechanism: Double pendulum swivel eliminates off-center loading errors
Overload Stops: Protects weighing mechanism.
Base Clearance: 3 1/2" high.
Lift Mechanism: Hydraulic.
UL /CSA Listed.
Patent No. 4,420,052.
Patent No. 4,482,783

The 2001 is designed for weighing non-ambulatory patients. It makes in bed weighing as easy as changing bed sheets.

Sophisticated stretcher design accommodates any patient without “cradling” that could disturb life support hook-ups. With pediatric stretcher and bars, model 2001 can be used for patients in cribs or pediatric beds. Just push a button and the battery-operated digital read-out displays true weight (not an average weight) in pounds and kilograms. The 2001’s patented transducer assures correct readings no matter where the patient is positioned on the stretcher. The scale has no moving parts in the weighing mechanism and never needs recalibration.

Specifically designed for daily or serial weighing of your non-ambulatory patients, there’s no easier-to-use, or more reliable scale available today. Scale-Tronix invented the SlingScale, and most of our original scales are still in use after 20 years of service.

2001 SlingScale

Stretchers (Slings):
P/N 20015 Plasticized Stretcher
P/N 20011 Metal Stretcher Bars
Pediatric Stretchers and Bars also available.
Disposable Stretcher Covers:
P/N 20017 Roll of 200 Covers
P/N 21117 Wall Dispenser
P/N 22217 Mini-Packs of Disposable Covers (6 rolls per case/48 covers per roll)
P/N 22227 Wall Dispenser

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